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    The following is a list useful links that I have compiled. Some are photographic and others are not.  If you wish to be added to this list, please send me an e-mail.

    These links are an odd assortment of links that I find interesting for different reasons.  Perhaps you will as well.

Photographic Sites
Civil War Photography Forum

These forums, moderated by famed wet plate photographer Robert Szabo, are a very useful place to learn about the art of Wetplate.  Besides a number of pages that discuss a number of differnt aspects of wetplate, the forums themselves are a collection of artists from around the world.  These people themselves are a great resource for any of your wetplate questions.

The Star Camera Co.

This company, operated by a wetplate photographer, is a great source for reproduction cameras and wetplate equipment.

Carey Lea, Manual of Photography

An 1868 Manual on photography, online.

Towler's A Silver Sunbeam Another online manual.

Non-Photographic Civil War Sites
The Civil War Reenactors Forum

Self explanatory

The Authentic Campaigner A forum for the more hardcore or progressive Civil War reenactor.

Other History Sites

Colonial Williamsburg  My "day" job.
Gardiner's Company

Elizabethan reenactment.  Another hobby!

ALHFAM is the museum organization for those involved in living historical farms, agricultural museums, outdoor museums of history and folklife and those museums - large and small - that use "living history" programming.